Embroidery, ceramics, photography, glass work, goldsmithing and woodworking; coming from a family of makers, Mel Smit grew up surrounded by art, craft and design. She trained locally in the Jewellery and Metals program at the Alberta College of Art and Design. She received her BFA; with distinction, and the Board of Governors Award in 2004. She then worked as a goldsmith and designer at a local design house for 10 years. Following this she ventured out to create her own collections of jewellery and work with clients on custom designs. Her work has been exhibited throughout North America and Europe.

Artist Statement:

Although I can create pieces in any style, I focus on creating a definite quality of sturdiness and clean design. The materials that I use tend to be traditional high quality metals and stones, but I also find that incorporating unusual materials such as fossils or meteorite to be inspiring. Whenever possible, I use materials that are guaranteed ethically and responsibly sourced. 

Currently all my pieces are made in the traditional method, that is, by hand. Age old technologies such as lost wax casting are used but the actual form of each piece is made by hand. I prefer to have a direct tactile connection to my pieces. The experience of changing raw materials into a beautiful object is satisfying and allows the hand of the maker to exist in each piece. From time to time I will do a very limited run of production pieces utilizing molds so that each piece is the same, but the initial model and finishing will still be done by hand.

Memberships and Professional Groups:
Professional member of the Alberta Craft Council.
Member of the Metal Arts Guild of Canada.

Currently represented by:
The Blackboard Gallery cSPACE King Edward
2nd Floor 1721 29th Ave SW Calgary AB.

All Photos were taken by, and are copyright of, the artist.